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Wednesday, June 28th, Update on Plans for Addressing the RV Park at Etowah Valley Golf and Resort

Residents of Etowah,

Several weeks ago, our attorneys suggested we take a two-pronged approach to addressing the potential RV Park & Sewage Treatment Plant at the Etowah Valley Golf Course.

The first approach was to prepare for the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) meetings and the three standards for review which address: neighborhood harmony, health and safety, and property values.

The second approach was to file a legal complaint with the North Carolina Superior Court stating that the Etowah Valley Golf Course legally must remain a golf course, is a valuable amenity to the neighboring communities, and the conversion of it to an RV park will cause substantial harm to all of us. This is the reason for engaging a second legal team.

Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)

On Thursday, June 22nd, the legal complaint was delivered to the Court. In response to the filing, the attorney for the Developer asked for at least a one-month continuance of the ZBA hearing for the Special Use Permit (SUP). It was scheduled to be taken up at the ZBA meeting on Wednesday, June 28th at Blue Ridge Community College. Later on, Thursday, the Henderson County attorney informed our attorney that the SUP request would likely be removed from the ZBA agenda for the June 28th meeting. It was formally removed from the agenda on Monday and the meeting has subsequently been cancelled.

This gives us more time to properly prepare for the next ZBA meeting, which could take place as early as July 19th.


We also held a Zoom call with our attorney and over 30 local people from Etowah, who have indicated they wish to establish “standing.” On the call, it was suggested and agreed upon, that individuals in neighborhoods, both unincorporated and within homeowner associations, form teams/groups in their specific area, to develop unique reasons for requesting standing at the next ZBA meeting. One individual from each team should be identified as the neighborhood spokesperson and the one to seek standing. Questions about this approach should be addressed to the


Through the generosity of the Community, we have now received over $64,000 in donations (which includes money from raffles). We have also received some very supportive messages. One person wrote in saying she appreciates our passion and organizing efforts because she loves the tranquility of the area.

The Etowah Valley Preservation Society’s Steering Committee wants to convey

its thanks to all of you who are supporting this effort.

Fund Raising Activities

The winner of the Shine Gift Card was Bob Wildner of Hendersonville. Congratulations Bob!

The fund-raising committee is planning several more activities in the near future, made possible by individuals and local businesses. Be on the lookout for these activities and an exciting event happening on July 24th! More information to come.


There was a beautiful rainbow over the Golf Course this past Friday, which was captured by several people. One such photo shown here was taken by Hayes Albea of Etowah. We interpreted the rainbow as a sign of how much the Golf Course means to our Etowah Community!

The Etowah Valley Preservation Society

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