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Monday, June 12th, Update on Plans for Addressing the RV Park at Etowah Valley Golf and Resort

Residents of Etowah,

We continue to make steady progress toward our goal of saving the Etowah Valley Golf Course and ensuring it continues to contribute to the peace and tranquility we all know and appreciate.

The developer seeking to buy the Etowah Valley Golf Course (EVGC) developed Harbor Point RV Community in Sneads Ferry, NC. You can view the RV park at this Google maps web site, which he subsequently sold. Please take a look and imagine how something like this would impact Etowah, in addition to the smell the centralized dumping station and sewer treatment facility would cause.

We have been interviewing experts (traffic engineers, property appraisers, etc.) to help us address the three areas at the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA): property values, public safety, and the degree to which an RV park can harmoniously exist in a predominantly residential community. We will be signing letters of engagement with these individuals and companies to perform studies and testify as witnesses in front of the ZBA.

In order to ensure that we are successful in fighting any future development of the EVGC, we are retaining the legal services of the Brough Law Firm of Chapel Hill, NC to work shoulder to shoulder with Deutsch and Gottschalk, PA, the first law firm we retained. This will allow us to bring additional expertise and focus to our approach.

Members of our steering group are also doing a lot of research. This information will be shared with our hired experts in hopes of augmenting their efforts, and also to inform our attorneys.

As of Saturday, May 10, we have collected over $53,000, in just over three weeks. We all greatly appreciate the donations over 300 people have made and plan to continue our intensive drive to reach $100,000. We now have a fundraising committee working on new approaches to keep up the momentum, including more raffles. Three lucky winners received gift certificates to The Salty Landing Restaurant this past week. And we will be rewarding someone with an outing to the Asheville Tourists game on Saturday, June 24.

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